Storage Solutions

In a computer, data storage is the place where data is held in an electromagnetic or optical form for access by a computer processor.

Storage Solutions

Storage is frequently used to describe the devices and data connected to the computer through input/output (I/O) operations -- that is, hard disk and tape systems and other forms of storage that don't include computer memory and other in-computer storage. For the enterprise, the options for this kind of storage are of a much greater variety and expense than those related to memory.
Storage devices are one of the core components of any computing device. They store virtually all the data and applications on a computer, except hardware firmware. They are available in different form factors depending on the type of underlying device. We provide Tower / Rack Servers, Blade Servers, NAS / SAN Storages, Tape Drives, and Backup and Recovery

Primary Storage Device

Generally smaller in size, are designed to hold data temporarily and are internal to the computer. They have the fastest data access speed, and include RAM and cache memory.

Secondary Storge Devices

They have large storage capacity & they store data permanently. They can be both internal & external to the computer, and they include the hard disk, compact disk drive and USB storage device.